Brand Value In Tough Times


Right now, there’s all sorts of talk and murmurings about a coming recession. If you weren’t in business ten years ago, then you might not really understand what it’s like to do business in that sort of climate.

From someone whose been there: It’s a weird time to see stock prices drop, sales plummet, bailouts happen, etc. When there’s all sorts of upheaval in the marketplace, everyone gets scared. Those conditions create a lot of fear and that makes doing business harder in many ways.

One thing that I’m happy about now, even if there might be a recession on the way, is that I’m in the brand-building business.

Brand is something that holds its value. Even when the markets drop. Even when budgets shrink. Even when sales plummet. And the great thing about 2018 versus 2008 is that we have an idea that a recession or a market correction could be coming. We’re not going to get caught by surprise. And we can get prepare for it by building up our brand.

In this week’s podcast I cover the value of brand in the face of recession and detail how Congruent recently executed on a successful soft launch of a rebrand.

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