A Conventional Reunion with My Friends, Reunion Marketing


What are conventions great for? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … CONNECTION. When people are in the same room, they talk, and when they talk, both parties win. Fresh perspectives, new ideas, shared tools, newfound knowledge, you name it, it’s there. Digital Dealer 26 was a great opportunity to wrap with tons of people in the automotive industry and grow.

One of the companies I ran into was Reunion Marketing, out of North Carolina. My good (internet) friends, Dane and Dave, co-founded this company 3 years ago. From sharing a living room with a few people to growing to 50 people three years later, they explain how you get people to leave a stable job to join a new, shared vision.

The secret sauce is CULTURE. Why do people want to work with you? Why do they stay? What are they saying to other people? If all these answers are positive, you’re doing something right. Ask your employees what they think. Be vulnerable, and be honest. You’ll be amazed.

I’m also happy to announce my own convention happening on May 8th in Rochester, N.Y. ClarityCon is drawing in automotive leaders from across the nation. Dale Pollak, Glenn Pasch, Adam Robinson, Candice Crane, Michelle Denogean, and myself will be speaking.

Tickets and info are available at www.claritycon.app

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