Good business starts with clarity.

If there is one thing I’ve learned about business over my last 16 years of growing businesses, it’s that good business requires a regular drip feed of clarity. Sometimes that clarity comes from those inside your company. Sometimes it comes from partnerships with those outside your company. And sometimes it comes from digging deep within yourself. 

I like business. Probably because it involves people and visible progress. Also, because there are less places to hide. It’s everyday. It’s all day. It’s a constant fight against the fog that so easily distracts us. 

People are people. Identifying, cultivating, and connecting relationships between them is where ALL the value is.
Now I get to help people do just that through my agency and my podcast content.

Connecting companies to their customers through great branding, messaging, and content distribution.
Connecting organizations to one another through clear mission, vision, and values execution.
Connecting individuals to meaningful and motivating personal growth.

The first business I founded in 2003 was just acquired by a large national player and now I’m doubling down on helping organizations communicate and connect with their customers and clients through my branding and marketing agency, Congruent. 


My Agency

Congruent’s unique approach to marketing starts and ends with BRAND. Why? Because brand has long-term value that transcends any economic crisis or technological algorithm.


My First Company

Over the course of 15 years, Image Auto grew from Paul J Daly in a single, rusty van with a copy of Small Business for Dummies into a regional reconditioning organization with a fleet of 30+ employees serving a 500 mile radius. Image Auto was acquired by Dent Wizard in June 2018.


My First B2C Brand

Image Auto’s growth in the reconditioning business grew past dealership needs and quickly became the go-to resource for automobile enthusiasts across the country. Rim Doctor became a Dent Wizard brand in 2018’s acquisition, but continues to operate as THE name for repair and customization in the custom car scene.