A Follow-Up of ClarityCon: Automotive


It’s been two weeks and I’m STILL having flashbacks about how awesome ClarityCon 2019 was… seriously! I know I touched on the event last week, and how empathy was a key theme across all the speakers, BUT... this week I wanted to share the overall experience that people had.

Brand is my OBSESSION. I know that it takes more than just a leader to brand well, it takes a team. People NEED to be on the same page or else it won’t happen.

A car may have all the best parts, but the driver can crash at any time. A business may have the best skills around, but no clue on how to connect with their customers.

That’s a problem.

I believe brand beats the hacks of Google algorithms. Brand is the communication of what you’re about to your customers. Brand is human. Brand is connecting with what matters most to your customers and team.

Customers are smarter than ever and you need to differentiate from your competitors. Knowing this, I had to tell others how important brand is in today’s market.

But to teach this, I needed help. That’s why I called upon Dale Pollak, Adam Robinson, Glenn Pasch, Candice Crane, and Michelle Denogean to give their perspectives, too.  

And so… ClarityCon happened!     

This week’s podcast is here to show you what went down and how people reacted to it.

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ClarityCon 2019 Playlist