Fitting in Won’t Authenticate Your Brand


I recently visited Bergstrom Automotive, a dealership group out in Wisconsin, and a thought came to me. Are you doing something because it’s relevant to the culture, or are you being authentic with yourself in what you do?

A lot of different businesses wear suits and ties at the office… But is it because it looks cool? Probably not. Is there something more to it? In most cases, I hope so.

For Bergstrom Automotive, they wear suits out of respect for their customers. Now the question is, do the customers know that too? Or is your business just another stressful environment for people, especially the moment they see a suit and tie. Your brand hangs in the balance of WHAT you do and how well you communicate WHY you do what you do.

You can make a brand connection. Not every suit and tie needs to be intimidating. 

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