New Vayner Friends, Same Message of Clarity


This week we are welcoming LOTS of new friends in to the COMPRESSED community.

Why do we have so many new friends you might ask?

Well, because Gary Vaynerchuk featured us on his podcast and released some co-produced content about the work we’ve been doing together over the past 7 months in the Vayner Mentors program on his social media channels. More friends pursuing the message of CLARITY is always something to be excited about!

Now is a great time to re-calibrate and discuss the things that are the MOST meaningful to business leaders, entrepreneurs, and those who simply want to cut through the fog of life. I hope you find the CLARITY and encouragement to take some “next steps” from this episode.


We have officially announced CLARITYCON 2019 and I couldn’t be more excited. Many more details to come, but if you want to be 1st to know, sign up for updates here!

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