Leadership is Leadership is Leadership (Guest: Kevin Frye)


One thing I’ve learned throughout my life is that leadership is not a respecter of industry, age, situation or just about anything else. Leaders understand how to serve. Leaders are experts at empathy. Most of all, leaders are not afraid of engaging the conflict required to make forward progress.

My guest today, Kevin Frye, is currently the Marketing Director of one of the largest, most progressive dealer groups in the country, was a Navy fighter pilot who has flown hundreds of combat hours, and is a man who understands and practices a high level of leadership.

I’m not taking credit, but when I asked Kevin what is the most important role of a leader, his answer included my favorite word….Cl@r**y. You’ll have to listen to figure it out.

I feel like we can all take a cue from his personal mantra of “being an agent of positive change” as you approach whichever challenges we face in the marketplace or at home.

Don’t be afraid of the friction. Don’t be afraid of the process. Don’t be afraid to lead.


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