Innovation is a Choice


Isn’t if funny how we obsess over controlling all the things we can’t, yet often ignore the one thing we can. The one thing you can always control is your decision.

I had the chance to head down to NYC to speak at the DrivingSales President’s Club this week and it really had me considering what keeps people from being innovative. As I thought more about it, I realized that most people see innovation as some magic ability for OTHER people. They feel like they aren’t smart enough, or fast enough or that they don’t have enough resources. Those are all untrue.

Innovation is a choice. It’s the decision you make to improve, get better and try harder to make the next version better than the last. If that is indeed the case, then you are completely in control of whether or not you are being innovative.

This works in business the same way it does in relationships. You decide, you try, you observe what happened. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes you improve and sometimes you don’t. Either way, it’s forward motion.

May you choose to pursue clarity AND innovation today. Don’t let the others have all the fun!

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