17 Years of Experience in 64 Pages


Long story short … I wrote a book. It only took me 17 years. Ok, ok….it only took me 4 weeks to write the first draft, but it took a lifetime to know what to write. 

Most situations are like that. Every moment we live is the result of every other moment leading up to it. Our wins, losses and every tie game. If you are going to have clarity on the way forward, you need to draw on and connect to the past. And that is really what the book is about…connection. 

Connection is the counterpoint of every element of running a business and selling a product. Connection is especially potent in any retail business. Retail is relationship.

If you are going to thrive in this modern retail environment, you need your customers to connect with more than a product. You need your team to connect with more than a job. You need a BRAND that connects beyond what you are selling or the paycheck your team receives. 

Culture, connection, and branding are three primary themes of the book. I talk about my childhood in Philly, my vision for the perfect car dealership and my belief in what “brand” really is. But mostly, I’m writing to everyone who knows deep down that what got us here in business, isn’t going to get us through the next decade. 

This week’s podcast covers the book, the essence of connection and the new shift in automotive retail. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it! 

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