Why Modern Marketing Metrics are Broken


I’ve been getting myself into a little trouble lately. I just don’t understand how the conflict of interest in the current agency model has lived on for so long. Charging clients fees which are based on a percentage of ad spend just seems crazy to me. Some of the metrics justifying that spend seem even crazier. Most of them aren’t even tied back to meaningful measurables.

All this talk about the broken agency model has some people on the defense, and that’s ok. I’ve been on the defense plenty being in business for the better part of two decades.

Guess what? Having to defend my position and beliefs made be better and that is also my hope for the marketing industry.

This is probably my nerdiest podcast to date as I get into some of the mechanics of digital marketing, but the nerdery is necessary. Next week, we get incredibly practical as I submit what I think is a step toward solving the problem.

Let’s get that CLARITY

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