Episode 31 - Throwback 31 (Remembering When Everything Fell Apart Back in 2008)

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I remember September - December of 2008 VERY clearly. Now that there is a decade between us, I thought it would be a good time to do a throwback to a time when we set off on an incredibly turbulent season in the car business and the economy in general. We hit some of the highlights (or more appropriately, low-lights) as I talk about the EXTREMELY important space between when a situation gets our attention and our reaction to it.

Lehman Brothers, Citigroup, auto bailouts, bankruptcies, cash for clunkers…it was NUTS!!! I was on the bleeding edge of going out of business as our customers, dealers, were getting crushed…but we didn’t.

As an industry, we didn’t. Nobody said it was easy.

During that time we got better, stronger and smarter. It’s been a strong run lately and a downturn will certainly come again. The only thing we can do about it is react well.

Lets hone those skills now…together. Its good to be in the fight.

Speaking of being together, I’m going to be out and about attending and speaking at several conferences over the next several months. I hope you will come out and allow us to meet in person! We’ve also been given some promo codes for our listeners…

Here is my current itinerary:

October 1-2: ELEVATE conference by Hireology in Chicago: (attending only)

October 21-23: Driving Sales Executive Summit, Las Vegas : (Speaking on the 21st at 4pm)
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January 24-27: NADA Convention, San Francisco: (Speaking: Time and location TBD)

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PS…There was ONE bright spot during that season courtesy of my hometown, Philadelphia as the Phillies won the World Series…just sayin’.

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Paul Daly