You Reap What You Sow


We pass along some ancient advice this week…wait for it… You reap what you sow.

I love this phrase so much. It has the word “you” on both sides of the equation. There is no room for the blame game. No room for excuses. Nowhere to run. Only accountability.

You know that I like to talk about things that are truths which can be applied in many areas of life. Truths which are applicable in work life, relationships, parenting, fitness, finances etc. This is one of them. When we find ourselves in all types of good and bad scenarios, it is incredibly important to understand what we ‘sowed’ in order to reap these results. Maybe you never want to do that again to avoid the pain. Maybe you want to do it as many times as possible to repeat the win. Either way, you can only do so if you know what you did to get you here.

We talk a little about Netflix’s recent wins at the Emmy’s and how they tie back to their investment in creating the right content. We talk about the differences between investments in AdWords, employment videos, and brand building. It’s my deep hope that sowing into the Dealers Compressed community will reap long term relationships, stronger businesses, more impactful growth and some good, old fashioned positivity.

I’m sincerely grateful for your desire to be a part of the movement.

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