Meet My Mentor: The COO of the Agency Gary Vaynerchuk Built (Guest: James Orsini)


If I had to describe this influential COO in one word, it would be balanced. No... maybe it would be intelligent Or maybe poised. Open-handed might be a good one. Anyway... you get it!

Since I first met him in February of this year, he has quickly become a true mentor. The more I get to know him, the deeper my admiration grows. Not only does he have a long list of professional successes, but he balances that with great success as a husband, father, and community servant.

I had the privilege of interviewing one of the businessmen I look up to most, James Orsini; Chief Operating Officer of the explosive, game changing empire that is VaynerMedia. Sure... millions and millions of people know and follow Gary Vaynerchuk. But a visionary like that needs someone to execute. When Gary keeps throwing Hail Marys, someone needs to catch it in the end zone. That someone is James.

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