Achieving Alignment... What Should You Do FIRST?


Phew… My very first live event, ClarityCon 2019, went down last and it was a HUGE success. Looking back, it couldn’t have imagined it going much better. The speakers, attendees and my team walked away with some more vision and clarity for what it looked like to be better. I was surprised by how honest people became. The key ingredient is the center of this weeks show…Empathy.

The format involved an uplifting environment with sharp keynotes and fireside chats featuring the event speakers. Attendees were able to submit questions and comments anonymously via an app which really increased involvement and authenticity.

The vast majority of questions that came in were geared toward the ‘human’ side of business.

How do I have a hard conversation with my superiors? Am I working for the wrong boss, but the right company? I saw a Carvana license plate frame and instantly got nervous, are we doomed? How can I convince a valued, long-term team member to change and adapt? And on and on they went…

These are the hard questions and I am incredibly honored to have held an event which solicited them.

One word came up over and over…EMPATHY. Striving to understand before being understood.

Why do your coworkers work differently. Are they struggling, or just naysayers? Why does your boss hate social media? Is he scared of the unknown, or unwilling to learn? Why you work for your company? Is it a paycheck only, or do you find purpose?

Remember, the order is FIRST understand THEN it’s your turn…

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