When It's Not Easy... Keep Going


If you want to do something that’s worth anything, you can’t get FANCY, you can’t get LAZY, you can’t get ENTITLED, you can’t stop being empathetic to those on the journey with you.

Oh, and by the way, it’s INCREDIBLY difficult. This is just the way it is in life.

I’m in the same boat and I’m feeling every bit of it today. That’s ok, because I don’t EXPECT it to be easy. All my experience in life and business has confirmed this. The good news is that I have a choice every single moment. A choice to lean in, or bow out. That choice is made hundreds of times between the outside stimulus and your response to it.

If you are facing tension and friction today, that’s ok. Actually is great, because friction is what produces the growth. I call this the “transaction of growth”. Especially if the friction is the result of pursing meaningful things. Keep going!

One of the things I lean on when I’m feeling the friction created by the pursuit of meaningful things is the community of people I follow and connect with online. THIS community is valuable to me and I know it is to you too. Let’s keep pursuing clarity together.

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