Episode 41 - Thankful For Growth

Since we’re all thinking about gratitude, I also wanted to bring up a topic that I feel is related. This is related to last week’s episode where I talked about the importance of having tough conversations. Everyone here knows that growth takes hard work and some pain. I call this pain the TRANSACTION OF GROWTH.

We all fall into different cliche traps when we talk about business. 10x’ing growth. Grinding. Leveling up. But we don’t always talk about the pain of it. The transaction costs.

So this week’s episode is pretty brief, but it links up gratitude with the transaction of growth. Something to keep you all dialed in and making new connections as we ride out the year.

Here is my current itinerary:
January 24-27: NADA Convention, San Francisco: (Speaking: Time and location TBD)

Gratitude by Pax217 copyright Pax217 and ForeFront Records.

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