Navigating Urgency and Importance


Turning 40 on the Dealers Compressed Podcast has me a little introspective this week as I discuss managing the speed of life in a way that isn’t so…well, URGENT! I visit the thinking of a couple of leaders/authors I respect greatly. One old, one new.

Steven Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders introduced me to the concept of breaking life into four quadrants. This simple principle has helped me size up what I’m spending time on and recalibrate. I can really say that if there was one principle I wish I could sear into my retinas it would be this one because Covey’s framework can bring quick and thorough CLARITY.

Next up is someone I’ve mentioned on the podcast several times, best selling author, speaker and former Navy Seal Jocko Willink. He has a great perspective on not having to have any really tough conversations. What?! How is that possible as a leader to have that be the truth? The secret lies in being willing to have lots of small tough conversations so you never have to have the big ones. More CLARITY.

Both of these concepts work REALLY well together. Like many of the things I talk about, they work in business and parenting and relationships and on and on.

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