Episode 28 - North of the Middle of Nowhere

Its a special day on the DC Pod today as we welcome a very special guest, Brandin Wilkinson. Brandin is a young, innovative dealer who convinces customers to drive lots of miles just to do business with his Dodge store.

Heres a hint…it has to do with CULTIVATION of his team and his brand…

I kick it off with a few words from my 15 years of experience playing the long game in entrepreneurship, business and life in general. I’m not the sharpest pencil in the box…but I’m making my mark. You should too. We should, together.

Well, that has always been the goal of the Dealers Compressed community and this week we go a little deeper.

Middle of Nowhere copyright Hot Hot Heat and Sire Records

This week’s reading list:
Bryce Harper's Training Regimen
Meet Brandin Wilkinson
Woodworth Dodge
Brent Fikowski
Eric Hinman
Rethink Selling
Simon Sinek on Community and Business


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Paul Daly