Proving Every "Boss's Kid" Stigma Wrong (Guest: Gregg Ciocca Jr.)


Speechless. That was my response when I was asked by a co-worker about my trip to the Ciocca Auto Group based in Allentown, PA. Now I’ve had the privilege of being in and out of hundreds of dealerships throughout my career in automotive. I’ve seen all types of leadership. Good leaders, dysfunctional leaders, brilliant leaders, co-dependent leaders, temperamental leaders and on and on. RARELY have I found generational leadership which was so well executed, that the incoming generation truly garners the same respect as the former.

I expected a great interview with Gregg Jr. What I didn’t expect is the conversation I was able to have with his father and founder, Gregg Ciocca Sr. What started as a brief introduction turned into an almost 2 hour conversation about people, legacy and a real commitment to both of them. I understood immediately why the environment at Ciocca is magnetic.

I hope you enjoy this interview with the torchbearer of the Ciocca legacy. As usual, it is my hope that all the content we produce will cause us to be better as an industry and better as people.

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