vAuto’s Big Secret is About to Be Revealed


This week feels good.

We are fortunate enough to be one of the first outlets in the country to cover a bomb-drop of an upcoming product release from vAuto. We have Dale Pollak as a guest talking about a big secret which is about to change the auto industry…again. There have been whispers in the industry regarding what is going on and my hope is that this interview brings some much needed CLARITY and expectation.

I have a little bit of an advantage on this one since my agency, Congruent, was tapped by Dale and vAuto to produce launch content for this new product. Although it means a great deal to be entrusted with this responsibility, I’m more excited for the opportunity to tell the story behind the story. The story of a man willing to risk his legacy to act in the best interest of the industry and people he has sworn to protect.

That being said, enjoy this weeks episode and siphon from the energy and passion of a man still waking up at 4am excited to be on the hunt!

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