One Year of Clarity


If you are a head-down kind of worker like me, you probably don’t take much time to slow down and reflect.

I’ve been told that I don’t tend to take time to stop and smell the roses. In other words, stopping for a moment to celebrate the accomplishments that the team and I have made. Well not this time!

WE DID IT…ONE YEAR! Fifty two episodes of the Dealers Compressed / CLARITY Compressed podcast.

What started as a 12 part content series for dealers around Dale Pollak’s book Like I See It turned into a weekly audio AND video podcast that has generated tens of thousands of views and interactions, speaking engagements and an overall forward momentum in the auto industry and beyond when it comes to better branding, marketing, operations and CONNECTION.

I talk about some of those things this week and set the tone for the next 52 episodes.

I can’t say THANK YOU enough for being a part of this community and hope to work twice as hard to bring you value in the future.

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