Making Excuses Makes Bad Business


If anyone ever had a good excuse for a business to fail, it would be the guy selling VW beetles to West Texas Cowboys. BUT, just the opposite happened.

A few weeks ago I went all the way to Amarillo Texas and had the privilege of talking to John Luciano, the newly named Volkswagen Global Brand Ambassador, about what it was like opening the first VW dealer in 27 years in a small Texas market.

John didn’t just survive. John didn’t just earn the average VW marketshare in his area…NO! He has five times (YES, FIVE TIMES) the average VW market share. IN AMARILLO TEXAS…where pick up trucks rule the road. Yes, most of my Uber’s were crew cab pickups I had to literally climb into.

Excuses are poison. And not only do they rob you of all the potential you truly have, but nobody even cares about them. Ok, maybe your mom. But that’s it.

I hope you find some inspiration and encouragement in this episode as we kick all of our weak excuses in the teeth and get busy, getting busy!

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