Episode 29 - Fear, Change, and Miltary-Grade Auction Equipment

The future belongs to the courageous. I hope you find a little here.

TWO IN A ROW! We have another innovative thinker/operator on this weeks show as we talk about some high-tech push back in auction level acquisitions. Jonathan Hakes, the used car director of the Dorschel Automotive Group in Rochester, NY tells us all about his experience hosting a Mannheim physical auction at the dealership. We discuss how this is a response to the disruptive approach of ACV auctions and similar offerings.

Change is healthy, but not easy. Sometimes it’s terrifying. So I take a moment to talk about why most of us are change adverse and do my best to bring some CLARITY to the feelings which often linger below the surface. There is no way to grow without change. There is no way to engage change without fear. (HINT: It’s impossible to be courageous unless you are first afraid.)

Waiting On The World To Change copyright John Mayer and Columbia Records

This week’s reading list:
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Connect with Jonathan Hakes
Manheim Mobile Auctions


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