Giving Back After Your Successes (Guest: CBT News CEO, Jim Fitzpatrick)


For the first (and probably last time) in my life, the words “Who are you, Barbara Walters?!” were spoken to me.

They came from this week’s guest, Jim Fitzpatrick, CEO of the CBT News Network and the Atlanta Small Business Network when I started asking him questions about his legacy.

Because that is really what drives a person. Ok, that is what SHOULD drive a person. It is what has driven the most meaningful contributors throughout history. No matter what the business accomplishments are, these lines of questioning are always the ones I find most interesting and engaging.

Regardless, Jim has a long history of entrepreneurial success. In the true spirit of entrepreneurship…he saw a need and created an effective solution. First in automotive and now he’s broadened his scope to the commercial powerhouse of Atlanta. His son now owns and runs a very successful marketing agency which Jim started. Furthermore, his current ventures are shared with his lovely wife, Bridget. He is a real example of how family business can work. He gives us some pointers on that very topic.