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What’s the difference between crazy and eccentric? Today’s guest will help you consider the answer. We talk about his huge collection of custom Nikes (I knew I liked him), his 22,000 gallon koi pond you have to cross on a glass walkway in order to get into his Lexus dealership. I’m really looking forward to introducing you to him.

Peter Cooper owns Lexus of Lehigh Valley, winner of the prestigious Lexus Brand Champion award one of the biggest Lexus dealerships in the northeast. The secret to building his success lays in all the small things: seemingly minor details and strategies that add up to forming lifetime human connections with the people he works with and his customers. All of this orbits around his central belief in what people are craving in every area of life…connection.

Aside from all that, he’s super accessible, caring, and warm except when it comes to the sneaker market, where he’s a real shark. If you think that buying expensive cars and rare sneakers is just something that rich brats do, then you’re wrong. Peter’s unique take on the auto business and life have lead him to a really fun, eccentric place. You have got to hear his story.

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