2021 Reasons Branding Might Just Be the Death of You


You know those moments when something you’ve been feeling or saying gets validated by some other credible source? Well that was the story of my day at Gary Vaynerchuk’s Agent2021 conference. The topic? You guessed it… BRAND.

There is no shortcut. There is no hack. Those who put in the work will disproportionately win in the next 2-4 years of the internet. Whether you are an auto dealer, influencer, non-profit or otherwise, your understanding and commitment to being strategic about deploying brand WILL be the difference maker.

Focusing on the bottom of the funnel activity will leave you in a constant crap-shoot for trying to win customers. Maybe you will interrupt them at just the right time…or maybe your competitor will. That is why those who pay real attention to contextually connecting with potential customers BEFORE they are ready to buy is where the intelligent investment is made.

The truth is that most business owners and managers don’t have the vision, patience or discipline to do this. The same people who complain about millennial employees having and “instant gratification” mindset, do the SAME EXACT THING in their marketing.

I’ve decided to stop trying to convince the inconvincible.

I’ve decided to speak to and work with those who believe this concept is the truth…even if they don’t know how to execute yet.

This is what the CLARITY community is about.