You Can Regain Control. You Get to CHOOSE.


Did you ever wish you could control someone’s mind? Well you can. That “someone” is YOU.

We often get in situations where we feel like we are a hostage to our situation. Consumer behaviors. Volatile markets. The political climate. Our financial outlook. AND THEN, there are all the things that really go deeper…our relationships. Our spouse or significant other. Our kids. Our friends. Our co-workers. Our social media followers…and on and on and on.

Let me be very direct with you. You are not a hostage. You don’t have to be a victim.

The CLARITY is you always have a choice.

YOU get to choose.

This week I share a couple of pages from one of my favorite books over the last year from former Navy Seal and Business-life coach, Jocko Willink. Discipline Equals Freedom Field Manual that really bring this point home.

My hope is that together, we will gain enough CLARITY to stop blaming and start CHOOSING.

Choose to give customers what they want instead of complaining about their preferences.

Choose to own our own feelings and not make it someone else’s fault.

Choose to contribute at our jobs instead of being a part of the problem.

Choose to take our thoughts captive, before they carry us away.

It means so much to me that you invest some of your time with me and the rest of the CLARITY community. Please share it with someone you think might need to be a part of it!

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