Denial. Anger. Acceptance. | My Experience at NADA Show 2019


There are certain moments where things just come together. This past week was one of them as I spent 6 days in San Francisco for the National Auto Dealers Association annual convention.

It became evident very quickly that my message of CLARITY is incredibly timely to the automotive industry, especially as it pertains to branding. The seismic shift in consumer demands has finally caught up. Consumers want more than a “deal”, they want to feel understood, valued and respected. They deserve it.

Over the years, auto dealers have become addicted to tactics, bullhorn style advertising and more recently data and algorithm hacks that are barely keeping their heads above water.

Pursing sales tactics that slightly ease the immediate symptoms of this changing landscape instead of a holistic and strategic deployment of a cure. Brand.

Frankly, living on a 30 day marketing cycle based on sniping the customer at the last minute is exhausting! I can see it in their eyes.

THE GOOD NEWS IS that there is relief. There is a better way. Brand-first execution.

But first, the addiction to the 30 day tactics must be broken. But just like any addiction, you need to admit you have one before you can more forward.

I talk about that and some other steps forward as we recorded this weeks podcast in a little corner of Union Square in San Francisco this week. I hope you are willing to hear the message…and DO something about it.

I don’t typically do this in our podcast, but if you didn’t know, my agency, CONGRUENT, helps auto dealers navigate these waters. The funny thing is, they SAVE money on their ad spend when they do. Our most recent case study on this is HERE.

Thanks for listening and I hope you have a GREAT WEEK full of CLARITY

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