Here's To A Year of Clarity


We’re ringing in the new year right for 2019. A new name, renewed trajectory and the desire to make this next year the clearest, most fulfilling year yet. I hope that you are gearing up to do the same. Why? Because we are all in the fight together.

So many times we make “resolutions” which are really nothing more than a dream. The best-intentioned wishful thinking leads us to state what we want to happen in 2019, but if we’re honest with ourselves we’re pretty sure we wont get there. So why do we do it? More importantly, why don’t we ever get there?

I used to sling resolutions around like it was my job, but never kept traction. Then, I learned some things that changed my perspective forever. This week I talk about the difference between dreams (or resolutions) and goals. I link up some practical tips I learned from leadership coach Michael Hyatt and discuss some of the progress I’ve been able to make as a result of listening to them.

I also discuss the trajectory for the CLARITY community and this podcast for the new year.

I’m going to be out and about quite a bit in January and hope to connect with a lot of you.

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