The Game is Won in the Brutality of the 99%


This week I’m sharing a little inspiration and encouragement I found from our old friend Tommy Edison, the man who invented the lightbulb, as I push through the 99% of perspiration it takes to follow through on that one great idea.

I’m in the throes of the deep work it takes to follow through on one of those inspiring moments I had a couple of months ago. It’s a full blown digital workshop that teaches branding. (You can be first to know at )

If you subscribe to this podcast, I already know that you are the type of person who is generally motivated and working toward some type of goal. There is always a goal with people like us. Sometimes it is a long term goal becoming an executive, sometimes it’s a shorter term goal like hitting a monthly sales number. It could be a personal goal like getting more organized, or in better shape. One thing is for sure, there is never a shortage of those ideas and moments that inspire us to get moving on something.

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