Just Keep Swinging


Have you ever chopped down a tree with an axe? I have! Swing after swing, I became tired, exhausted and almost had to stop. One of the worst moments was when I stood there breathing heavily with two thirds of the trees diameter cut out and the tree seems just as solid as it did when I took the first swing. It was crazy!

I kept swinging and finally heard a “crack”. That was encouraging. One or two more swings and then I pushed that tree right over.

That memory reminds me of what life is like for someone on a mission. Swinging away, day after day, seeing very little evidence of change. Then…”crack”!

In the midst of all the swinging, don’t forget to take the time to keep the axe share and the person swinging it fresh or you WILL burn out.

As I’m heading on vacation to Ocean City, New Jersey with my family productivity skyrocketing and my energy increasing. Maybe more vacations are a good thing ?!?!

It’s a short podcast this week but I wanted to emphasize how important it is to unplug from work every once in a while. You may think you’re slacking, but you’ll be shocked to see the progress made when you get back into the swing of things.

Take a break, and sharpen up then SWING AWAY!

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