The "Pills" of Business: Short-Term Marketing Tactics


It’s not easy to walk through an airport backwards, recording a podcast … ESPECIALLY when everyone else’s eyes are glued to their phones! But then I thought to myself: there’s a daily opportunity that your brand DOESN’T want to miss.

Think about it. There are 1,000s of people in an airport staring at their phones, consuming news, entertainment, or sending messages. What else is there to do in an airport anyways?! Now think about how many of those people could be a perfect customer for your brand. But are you even reaching them??

Just ask yourself how your brand connects with its current target audience. Are you staying within that bubble, or are you looking to expand for potential customers. It’s EASY to get a few impressions on social media; a retweet, like, or favorite, and go home thinking your business ‘grew.” Did it really though?

Playing the short-game is convenient, I can’t argue that. But tactics only go so far. The moment you stop taking that pill, the illness can come back. Think macro. Build a long-term strategy.

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