If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes


Being present is not the same as hearing.

Being present, doesn’t equal hearing, and hearing doesn’t equal understanding, and understanding doesn’t mean implementing and implementing doesn’t mean succeeding.

I’m recording this podcast in Chicago in the space between 2 conferences. And doing things like this is bittersweet. The more I go to these events, the more I see the real but silent danger in them. It’s the danger of people coming out and doing these types of things and convincing themselves that just because they came out, that they are better off…or changed for the better…or moving forward.

But that is a lie. Because you always have to go home. And if nothing changes, nothing changes.

There are A LOT of steps in-between being present and succeeding. My hope is that this podcast will help you be a little more aware of where you are in the process.

Pursue Clarity,

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