Why We Made Compressed | Dealers Compressed Episode ZERO


We are taking responsibility for making our industry better. Who the heck are we? Nobody special. Image Auto is a 15 year old company based in Syracuse, NY. We provide cosmetic reconditioning solutions for dealers across New York and Pennsylvania. We are also a creative agency named Congruent. When our founder Paul J Daly read Dale Pollak's new book, he knew we had to do everything in our power to get Dale's message out.

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Hi, I’m Paul J Daly, the founder and CEO of Image Auto, Rim Doctor, and Congruent Story.

What you’re about to watch is a compilation of videos that we made to summarize Dale Pollak’s new book, ‘Like I See It’. In no way is it meant to replace reading the book. Dale goes into a lot of other nuance and detail, so please don’t just use this. You should pick the book up and you should read it as soon as possible.

In the end, we thought “What can us, a reconditioning company and a media production company, do to provide value to our customers and even those dealerships that aren’t our customers or are outside our area, how can we contribute to preserving the things that provide for us? Provide for the employees that work in this industry? Provide for the solutions providers?” This was our best foot forward. This was what we thought we could do, so we did it.

We hope that when you watch this you’ll be encouraged, that you will move to change, that you will look at things in a different way than you’ve ever seen them before, and hopefully, that we can work together to make this industry stronger so that we can move forward and create opportunity for the people that depend on us and create value for the consumer.

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