Episode 25 - An Exclusive Interview with Dale Pollak

Last week we talked about process. This interview is the result of a long one. We’re (especially Paul) excited to release this exclusive interview with Dale Pollak, automotive visionary, Founder of vAuto, EVP at Cox Automotive and all around caring man.

Sitting in the game room of the vAuto headquarters in the Chicago area, Paul and Dale talk about automotive, working together and of course many of the topics in Dale’s recent book, Like I See It. The interview goes a little deeper as Dale talks about why he is still working and gives his prediction regarding what the next 12 months holds for the auto industry.

We hope you enjoy listening and watching as much as we enjoyed producing it!

DID YOU KNOW that the Dealers Compressed Podcast started as a creative visual production around the book “Like I See It”. We created it independently to give auto dealers an accessible way to engage the book and hopefully spread the timely message to their staff and others in the industry. We hope that YOU will use it in your dealership!

It’s engaging.

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Paul Daly