Just a kid from Philly.


Its been a heck of a run so far. I’m the Founder/CEO/Creative Director of Congruent, a brand-first integrated marketing agency. But it all started in 2003 with a few thousand dollars and a rusty 1984 Chevy Astro. I dove in to entrepreneurship head first and built a one-man wheel repair service for auto dealers into a multi-million dollar reconditioning organization (Image Auto and Rim Doctor) which served over 150 dealers and dealer groups. Being a culture-first/brand-first guy, I started building a creative agency (Congruent) within the auto recon company.

Well, long story short the agency started working with bigger brands, we started a content series for dealers, Image Auto and Rim Doctor were acquired by a large national player and now Congruent is my primary focus. I still have the same fire, I still really like people, I’m still that kid from Philly.

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Operating in two industries where independent contractors and freelance are the norm, Paul has cultivated a culture of high engagement, exceptional service, long term team members and genuine care for one another. 

Founded in 2003, Image Auto currently provides reconditioning services to over 100 dealers and dealership groups across New York and Pennsylvania. Image Auto also owns the brand RimDoc which provides full service wheel reconditioning and remanufacturing via mobile service units and its Syracuse, NY remanufacturing facility. 

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Congruent was born out of the internal communication needs of a growing company. Embracing the struggle of keeping a geographically separated workforce unified in vision, mission and values Paul began to create media (video, photo, web) to foster clear communication, encouragement and alignment across the company. Soon after, the content was noticed by other organizations who began to request the same level of content for their organizations. As a dedicated creative team was formed, Congruent Story has now worked with many local and national brands, helping them refine their messaging to produce creative, compelling stories that connect at the human level. 

Paul’s auto industry experience and company culture-driven creative media savvy tell a story that directly addresses the challenges of the modern employment climate. With a passion for clear narrative messaging empowered by good design, Paul wants to see every organization, especially progressive auto dealers, take responsibility for their company culture and communicate it well. 

UPDATE: In March of 2018 Paul was approached by Dent Wizard International, the largest and most influential company in the dealership reconditioning space (among other services) to discuss a potential merger. After some initial conversations and a visit to St. Louis to meet with the Dent Wizard Executive Team, the many synergies between the two companies were realized and Image Auto, LLC was officially acquired in June of 2018. Paul will be serving Dent Wizard's leadership team as a strategist for dealership relationships, marketing and branding.

Paul's existing entity was renamed Provision X and will function as the holding company for Congruent, which Paul will continue to lead as Founder and CEO. Congruent has entered into partnership with
Gary Vaynerchuk's, Vayner Mentors program powered by Vayner Media's attention-savvy approach to marketing and will be launching several exciting offerings to provide Auto Dealers and other regional and national brands clarify and communicate their message in new and compelling ways. 

Paul will also serve on Dent Wizard's leadership team as a strategist for dealership relationships, marketing and branding. 

A Philly native, Paul now lives in Syracuse, NY with his wife and three children. He serves in several local organizations, most recently as a volunteer Pastor. He is fan of all things related to organizational culture, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ken Blanchard, Simon Sinek, Jim Collins, Entreleaderhip, Fast Company Magazine, the band Switchfoot, custom Nike’s, manually splitting and stacking his own wood, Fender guitars, vintage Honda motorcycles, great hoodies and just about every video on Yeti coolers website. <<No really, Yeti has succeeded in marketing a freaking cooler like a fashion brand...BRILLIANTLY!>>

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