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The Automotive Manifesto | Launching April 24, 2019


The retail automotive business has been rocked to its core by a seismic shift in consumer preferences and practices. “The Automotive Manifesto” takes a head-on approach to these changes, giving an edge to dealers who are paying attention in this new “connection economy.” Wielding connection as his primary weapon, industry veteran Paul J Daly broadly addresses: sales models, fixed ops, HR and, of course, brand marketing. This book is a quick shot of energy and strategy at a time when auto dealers are vigorously searching for a center point.


Praise for The Automotive Manifesto


“It takes a lot to truly blow me away. But Paul Daly’s Manifesto did just that. It’s a quick read that packs a powerful, profound punch. It’s got secret sauce—a new principle, founded on the most fundamental thing, human connection. Best of all, at least for me, the Manifesto opens the mind to ask questions about what I believe to be true about the car business and how/why it can be so much better.”

-Dale Pollak
Founder, vAuto; EVP, Cox Automotive

“The information here will help those who are willing to read it and connect with its message. Customers have “chang-ED”, but many dealers have not. Those who embrace his Manifesto and thoughtfully applies what they find in these pages will be the ones left standing. Well done Paul.”

-Glenn Pasch
CEO, PCG Digital


“Paul Daly is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale world of automotive retail advertising. His obsession with brand promise and genuine customer connections should be the religion adopted by all dealers that are in it for the long haul. I’ve seen the results first hand and can vouch for the full impact of embracing his approach.”

-Rudi Thun
COO, Roadster

“Paul just gets it right. Strategic brand development, customer-first experience, a culture of care and accountability, along with the belief that customer connection is necessary even in the “car business”…a seismic, but necessary shift for our industry.”

-David Long
Vice President, The Niello Company


“Rarely into our space comes a fresh voice… Paul is that rare voice. Most won’t hear his call, most won’t see his the power of his direction, most just want more leads. If you’re looking to break the old business habits that bore you and your customers, close your door, turn off your phone, get out your highlighter and take a look at a new direction for you and your business.”

-Joe Pistell
Founder, JC AutoMagic

“What I love most about the book is that I could have used the same content and conversation with dealers during the early stages of automotive internet leads, dealer websites, or automotive digital marketing. The concepts and ideas are universal and timeless. This is a must read for all car dealers.”

-Matt Weinberg
SVP of Consumer Experience, Drive Motors