10 Pack - The Automotive Manifesto

10 Pack - The Automotive Manifesto


A great way to inspire and align your team to think differently about automotive retail.

If you’re a dealership (or any retail business, really) whose marketing relies on paid search and sell, sell, sell commercials to keep your business flourishing, you’re wrong.

Connection is the new currency.

Marketing, sales, and branding (yes — branding!) must radically shift to reflect how people actually engage with companies. It would be an understatement to say the auto industry has been slow to adapt. Make no mistake, change — spurred by the Amazons, Carvanas, and CarMaxes of the world — is upon us. If you’re not willing to be among the most innovative thinkers regarding brand connection, you’re simply not going to survive, let alone thrive.

The Automotive Manifesto goes beyond conventional marketing, sales, and branding. It contains actionable tips and the thought processes behind them. Automotive retail needs a reminder that it didn’t conquer all of the challenges over the last hundred years to get beat by ones, zeros, and a smartphone. It cuts right through the brand rot that’s infesting automotive retail and offers real-time strategies to out-thrive the lagging 90% of dealers who can’t change with the times.

By reading this book, you will learn:

  • How brand connection can transform both your internal and external experience

  • Ways to rid your business the exhausting churn of 30 day sales cycles and tactics

  • Powerful alternatives to common sales, fixed ops, and people strategies

  • Branding insights, retail strategies, and business tips that get real, lasting results

  • A new model of marketing focused around connection to your consumers

  • An approach for the 10% of dealers who are focused on growth to take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity for brand expansion

Paul J. Daly refines almost two decades of business leadership, retail auto, and brand marketing experience into the Manifesto, a no-nonsense guide to the connection that is actually possible in retail automotive and beyond.

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