Episode 30 - Thank God Hurricane Season is Only A SEASON!

(Psst…there’s promo codes for some upcoming auto dealer conferences at the bottom of this!)

Sometimes you just need a moment to catch up. That’s just what we did on Episode 30 as I went all in on the reality of seasons in life. Everything in business and life submit to the basic principles of the “ups and downs”, the “ebb and flow”, the “wins and losses”.

There aren’t many exceptions. We face seasons in personal growth, the weather, our careers, changing consumer sentiment, generational preferences, our relationships, health, and on and on…

I’ve found that the key isn’t to fight the seasons. It’s impossible. The key is to REALIZE that the time you are in right now is only a season. It will not last forever. Whether it is a season full of good things or a season full of challenging things…IT. WILL. NOT. LAST. FOREVER!

Once you have CLARITY on that truth, you can then live more effectively, take less for granted when there is an abundance, and have the patience you need to push through the hard times.

In the car business, we are in a season. A season of great change and great opportunity.

I’m enjoying spending this season with the Dealers Compressed community as we learn, grow and improve together.

I also talk about what I’m up to and where I’m going to be in Q4 as we kick off CONFERENCE SEASON! I know that a lot of our listeners attend conferences and thought it would be great if we could meet in person. Also, some of the events have been kind enough to offer our listeners discounts on several events

Conference Schedule:

October 1-2: ELEVATE conference by Hireology in Chicago: (attending only)

October 21-23: Driving Sales Executive Summit, Las Vegas : (Speaking on the 21st at 4pm)
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January 24-27: NADA Show, San Francisco: (Speaking: Time and location TBD)

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Reading List:
Rethink Selling by Brandin Wilkinson

Have a great week!

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Paul Daly