Episode 27 - The Beatles Said It Best

Come together. Without a doubt, humans crave community. Its the counterpoint of relationship, safety, provision and progress. It is where we find meaning. The brilliant thinker, Seth Godin simply encourages us to “Find the others.”

Well, that has always been the goal of the Dealers Compressed community and this week we go a little deeper.

Come Together copyright The Beatles and Apple Records

This week’s reading list:
Tribes by Seth Godin
Hireology Elevate Conference - Use promo code "Elevate_Daly" for 10% off!
CDK Partners With Lyft

DID YOU KNOW that the Dealers Compressed Podcast started as a creative visual production around the book “Like I See It”. We created it independently to give auto dealers an accessible way to engage the book and hopefully spread the timely message to their staff and others in the industry. We hope that YOU will use it in your dealership!

It’s engaging.

It’s FREE.

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Paul Daly